Cheboygan State Park Beach Day Use Area
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Cheboygan State Park is located on the Straits of Mackinac, boasting scenic Lake Huron beachfront, views of historic lighthouse ruins, and a total of 932 recreational acres. A variety of developed facilities are offered at the park.

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The Cheboygan State Park Day Use Beach Area on Duncan Bay is one of the most beautiful and unknown beaches in the world. Even on the busiest days of summer you can find plenty of room.

A wide, combed sandy beach leads to the shallow sandy bottom of Duncan Bay with excellent views of Cheboygan and the Mackinaw Bridge . A perfect beach for small children as the water is only a few feet deep for several hundred feet out. From the Cheboygan State Park Beach Area, the sun sets in the Straits behind the Mackinac Bridge for magnificent sunsets.

The Cheboygan State Park Beach Day Use Area features a bathroom with changing facilities for men and women, an outdoor cold shower, a playground with a jungle gym, a teeter totter, swing set, horse shoe pit and a great slide, volley ball nets both on the beach and out in a few feet of water and plenty of picnic tables and grills.

All vehicles must have a park pass. No glass allowed on beach. There is no lifeguard. The Cheboygan State Park Day Use Beach Area is a pack in, pack out area- please take your garbage with you.

Day users rank among the highest visitation numbers flocking to the large picnic facilities adjacent to Duncan Bay Beach. This beach is a result of a1956 survey of Michigan's coastline for possible state park sites.